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Purple Swirl Arts is the business of Nancy Creighton, and includes artwork by Betty G. Miller. Nancy is a freelance graphic designer (the best label right now, though I'm also a writer, editor and more); Betty is a deaf visual artist, a painter famous in the deaf community, and has her own site:

Purple Swirl Arts sells designs by both of us on products (t-shirts, buttons and magnets, calendars and posters and more) at Cafepress; a large variety of t-shirts with quotations by deaf people at Printfection; books at Lulu; and original artwork on Etsy.

What I love to do is design books. I've worked on several books, the most recent one is World Federation of the Deaf: A History by Jack R. Gannon. I did the layout, photo correction and some editing for the WFD book. It's available from the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) at

I also did Sands of Time: NAD Presidents 1880-2003 by Lawrence R. Newman. I did the book design and layout, and did the final editing. I also designed the cover. I'm currently the designer and layout artist for the NADmag, a benefit for members of the NAD. Another thing I love to do is fiber arts-- jewelry, cards, crafts made with a variety of fibers including paper and yarn.

Keeping informed

I've been an occasional blogger for several years. In fact, I was an early adopter of the technology and remember being in a staff meeting and teaching others the word and what it is. I've a blog to update people about what Betty and I are up to in our artistic lives. I have two other blogs that I don't update very often. One focuses on my transition to veganism, the other on my problems as a deaf person getting medical service in Philadelphia.

We're also on Facebook (FB). Both the blog and FB feel like easy, relaxed and informal ways of keeping people up-to-date with what's new and what's coming. A more formal way is through the email newsletter. Another formal, professional way is through the LinkedIn network, and you can find me there.

Email me at: I have a strong spam filter on my email address, and you'll be asked to fill out a "captcha" field to prove you're human.